Each symbol, inscribed word, element and color incorporated within the PNP Training Service emblem contributes equal weight and importanceto the role of the Unit and the men and women belonging to it. Each element is given a brief explanation to describe the objectives and the mission of PNPTS to the PNP Organization.

A. Logo

Each element within the emblem of Training Service represents significance. The emblem can be easily associated to instant recognition that it is the symbol of excellence for training police personnel.

Torch – The torch symbolizes illumination, enlightenment and guidance. This symbol is in the center of the PNPTS logo because of its significance. In the pursuit of our operationalization, we are primarily guided by the light from our creator as well as from our superiors in the PNP.

Book – The book symbolizes knowledge. We teach and impart knowledge to the members of the PNP who will undergo training under the PNPTS and to those agencies we are linked with.

Feather Pen – It symbolizes the various skills geared towards the development of PNP personnel that the Service will impart to all its students.

Laurel – It is a symbol of professionalism and excellence. PNPTS serves as the in-service and accelerate the professionalization of the PNP personnel in all aspects of their service.

 B. Inscribed words

The words inscribed within the insignia is a constant reminder to all who have been with the Training Service the Core Values the Unit strives to instill to its staff, personnel and students regardless of the duration of their stay or interaction with the Training Service.

Karunungan (n. Knowledge) – acquiring the result of information and the product of knowing can be translated into the applicable skills which will make the men and women in the Police Uniformed Service become a truly capable, credible and competent police force.

Disciplina (n. Discipline) – it is a systematic training where good habits are formed and strong values are developed.

Kakayahan (n. Skills) – it is the application of a specific science, art or technical ability and demonstrates performance to practical purposes.

C. Color

The color gives life and vitality for each school under the care of the Training Service. Each color is briefly described the significance and how it relates to the purpose and mission of each school.

Green – This color represents the School for Specialized Courses. It symbolizes abundance and productivity. As such, this School is centered in the conduct of special courses for individual and unit proficiency development.

Light Blue – This color represents the School for Values and Leadership with the basic function of developing and acquiring proper attitudes and behaviors of the PNP personnel. It symbolizes calm water (tranquility) and represents tradition and lasting values

Red – this color represents the School for Sports and Skills Development. It symbolizes bravery, vitality and energy as this school provides for the conduct of training on combative sports, marksmanship and physical fitness.

Yellow – This color represents the School for Field Training and Technical Services. It symbolizes brightness, luminosity or brilliance which can be equated to the vision for a bright future. This school is basically responsible for the conduct of progressive training sessions for Technical Services and Field Training Officers who will act as instructors and trainers of young breed of law enforcers.