Conduct training courses geared towards skills enhancement, intellectual advancement and moral transformation of PNP personnel vital to the pursuit of a highly credible and responsive police force.


Excellence in Police Education and Training by 2030.


A. Conduct the progressive training courses for personnel in the Technical Service;

B. Conduct Trainings for Field Training Officers (FTOs) who will act as instructors/trainers of recruits undergoing the Field Training Program;

C. Supervise and monitor the conduct of the Field Training Program in the Police Regional Offices (PROs);

D. Conduct foreign-assisted trainings in connection with bilateral anti-terrorism programs with the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, United States of America (USA) and other concerned countries;

E. Conduct specialized courses for individual or unit proficiency development such as the Special Counter-insurgency Orientation Course (SCOUT);

F. Conduct courses on sports and skills development of PNP Personnel;

G. Conduct trainings on values and leadership geared towards the development and acquisition of proper attitude and behaviour by PNP personnel;

H. Conduct development courses for Non-Uniformed Personnel;

I. Train, develop and maintain a pool of competent instructors in the PNP;

J. Establish and maintain adequate physical training facilities and equipment;

K. Forge collaborative arrangement with other government and private educational institutions for exchange programs and accreditation of training courses.